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   Varied professional services

TRANSLATION - General and technical translations of a wide range of documents and manuals. Proofreading and Quality Assurance Passes are included in the price quoted.

TECHNICAL WRITING - Preparation and organisation of software manuals. Ask for a quote!

WEB SITE TRANSLATIONS - Translation and cultural adaptation and localisation of your web sites for an international audience.

DESKTOP PUBLISHING - DTP of your foreign language material in FrameMaker and other DTP software. Culturally adapted material for brochures, signs, cards, PowerPoint presentations, letterheads, advertising, labels, menus, etc.

PROOFREADING/EDITING/REVISING - General and technical proofreading and editing/revising services on a wide range of documents. Let us proofread your previously done translations or offer a second opinion. Our proofreading services are also useful in assuring clients of superior quality in translation projects.

Quality is the key to a great translation! Make sure your translations are done by qualified professionals.

Full listing and portfolio of samples available upon request.

Our specialty is Information Technology: software - hardware - operating systems - technical - Internet - computers

We can ready your documents for translation

A document that is written with translation in mind, will reduce your translation costs and be a more effective marketing tool for your company in the global market. We can facilitate the creation and maintenance of your information in other languages.

Let us make your documents ready to go for translation!

  Writing for Translation

A high quality translation will make your company stand out in the global marketplace. Your global clients will appreciate your efforts to communicate with them in their own language.

Knowing how to write for translation is a skill that can reduce the cost of translation and improve its quality: fewer problems and questions, easier and faster updating of previous translations, and significant cost savings.

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